Increase your speed to market of new offerings by rapidly exploring multiple options and exploring the high-potentials.


Your problem in a nutshell

You have many new product or service ideas, but you're not sure which ones to pursuit and which ones will have the highest potential.

You're looking to increase your speed to market for new products or services with an evidence-based approach.

You want to accelerate a new product or service to market with full Product-Market fit and create tangible innovation.


ACCELERATE is a 6-month program to design a new product or service and bring it to market.
During the program, we test several concepts through rapid prototyping and use experimentation to get real market insights and focus on the concept with the highest potential. By constantly iterating on learnings we develop an MVP that maximizes value and reduces time to market.

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Seven Beaufort's ACCELERATE gave us a robust and data-driven approach to redesign and validate a new service and business model for Helpper. We learned a lot and 7B really created a lasting impact on our organization.

Leslie - CEO Helpper

Key business questions ACCELERATE helps you answer

What is the product or service idea with the highest potential?
How can we create the best experience?
What should be the main features?
What is the willingness to pay of customers?
What should be the business model? A one-off fee, a subscription, or something else?
What is the optimal go-to-market strategy?

Key benefits of ACCELERATE

Speed to market

ACCELERATE helps increase the speed to market of new offerings by rapidly exploring multiple options and identifying high-potential concepts. Through rapid prototyping, experimentation, and market insights, it enables efficient development and reduces time-to-market, giving your business a competitive edge.

Evidence-based decision-making

ACCELERATE utilizes customer deep dives and validation methods to answer key business questions, resulting in validated products, services, and business models based on real market evidence. The goal is to enhance the chances of a successful new offering.

Tangible innovation

ACCELERATE focuses on product-market fit, creating the best customer experience, and generating a high-quality list of ideas for further exploration, fostering tangible innovation and growth with a lasting impact on your organization.

The approach

ACCELERATE supercharges your team to swiftly bring new offerings to market by leveraging rapid prototyping, experimentation, and evidence-based decision-making to identify high-potential concepts and achieve tangible innovation.

Phase 1 - Scoping

Deep dive in the existing research & data to uncover gaps and set priorities. In this phase we also build a team of superheroes and create a detailed action plan.

Phase 2 - Customer insights

Get an in-depth understanding of your customer's pains, gains and jobs-to-be-done with behavioural research methods. We uncover patters with interviews and quantitative market experiments. The goal is to co-create a detailed customer & buyer journey.

Phase 3 - Prototyping

We ideate and diverge on many different concepts and start designing an MVP. Customer validation experiments are never too far away. The goal is to test, refine & iterate multiple concepts to identify the most promising ones.

Phase 4 - Business Modelling

We map out all the different stakeholders in the ecosystem. We determine where value is created and where it is captured and ideate business models to benefit all the parties involved. Next we run market experiments to validate the value hypothesis of the business models.

Phase 5 - Go-to-market

With the offering and business model validated, we prepare the go-to-market strategy by exploring the right partners and activation channels. The goal is to understand the how-to's of the venture in the real world.

Phase 6 - Proven Business Case

The product or service variation and business model are validated based on actual market evidence, and the market potential is sized and mapped. In this part, we co-create a data-driven and proven business case to take to your key stakeholders.

Side benefit: we often create a high-quality list of ideas to further explore within your business

Our experience with ACCELERATE

837concept ideas generated
48Concepts (in)validated
14products and services launched to market


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