Enable the power of digital

Define how your products and services can make the shift to digital in an efficient and optimized way.

Project & Program Management

Your project in the hands of objective and experienced intrapreneurs

Process and Journey

Drastically increase your return on equity in favor of the end-user

Strategy & Planning

Stay relevant and organize product & service assets to set you up for success

Project & Program Management

Enhance your project and program management teams with a focus on impact, transparency and lean governance.

A glimpse of what we do in this space:

  • Daily management of your projects and/or programs.
  • Executing agile transformations.
  • Setting up project structures, including reporting lines, lean governance, KPIs…
  • Roadmap and business case facilitation and execution
  • Roadshows: presenting and defending your projects
  • Coordination and reporting among key stakeholders

Our profiles

Project managers
Program managers
Road managers
Transformation consultants

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Process and Journey Optimisation

In today’s customer-centric world, it's crucial to optimise and change your multiple digital touchpoints into a seamless customer journey.

We are able to support with:

  • in-depth analysis, define requirements and perform market/peer analysis.
  • optimisation of the customer experience.
  • customer journey mapping exercises.
  • working in multidisciplinary agile teams.

Our profiles

Customer Journey Experts
Business Analysts
Product Owners

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Business Strategy & Planning

Define where you need to be and how you should organise to get there.

We back our partners and clients with solid analysis and evidence-based decisions in:

  • strategy definition to reach your long-term goals or assessing an already existing strategy.
  • implementation of your strategy.
  • strategic planning to translate your strategy into a tangible roadmap.

Our profiles

Management Consultants
Growth Consultants
Innovation Consultants

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Why work with us

Get shit done

We bring the right expertise and infectious attitude for every challenge we take on.

Go-getters and cheerful souls

We go the extra mile and aim to consistently deliver a joyful and successful collaboration. Always.

True challengers

We dare to challenge you towards better ideas and solutions. You can count on us for an honest opinion. No theatre.

Entrepreneurs at heart

We are responsible and accountable for your challenges as they were our own. Well, because they actually are.

Co-creation at the center

We always work in co-creation mode with customer teams to combine all knowledge and expertise, maximise impact and internalise learnings.

A trusted partner

We build partnerships for the long term and in full commercial transparency.

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