Seven Beaufort

/ˈsɛvən ˈboʊfər/
An ambitious bunch of entrepreneurial and quirky minds who like to get shit done.

We are Seven Beaufort.

A fresh wind in your sails.

Our mission

We want to develop the most dynamic and entrepreneurial consulting team where people reach their full potential while having fun and putting a smile on the face of our clients when working together.
It's a mouthful, but it's truly who we aim to be.

Working with us

We bring in the right expertise and attitude while daring to challenge you towards shaping better ideas and solutions. We take true responsibility and accountability for your challenges, while always going the extra mile for a joyful and successful collaboration.

Unique founding

The company has been created by a dynamic team in late 2021, with 4 youngsters and 3 seasoned entrepreneurs in the founding constellation. Bringing 75+ years of consulting experience to the ring.

We can help you with a couple of things.

We're focused on 3 main areas of consulting




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What sets us apart

We're highly infectious, entrepreneurial people

Everyone in Seven Beaufort has experience as an entre- or intrapreneur.

We have each other's back

We help each other to shine bright, no egos involved.

We aim for impact

We focus on pragmatic solutions with the most value for clients. We are not afraid to challenge ourselves and our clients. You can count on us for an honest opinion.

We give everyone a sense of belonging

We create an environment with amazing, quirky and integer people where everyone can be their original and creative self.

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