The story behind our brand name and logo

On a cold November night, our founding team met up in the kitchen of Dimi. Just after being served the third round of full glasses of wine or a semi-warm tea, we doubled down on the core values of our new company. We love entrepreneurial people who move the needle. We should also genuinely help each other to shine bright, no egos. We have each other’s back, check. We aim for impact; we get shit done and bring value to our clients – agreed. Everyone should also have a sense of belonging in our company, a place where you can be your original and creative self, yes.

Values, check!

We already knew what we were going to do: support organizations with their toughest challenges in growth, innovation & digital. Exciting topics to play in and where our team has relevant experience.

Okay, clear.

Now that damn company name. We had been exchanging dodgy company names for some time now. Nobvious? Nah. Qworky, because we want to work with quirky individuals. Yeah? Not really.

Then we had that EUREKA moment. 💡

Seven Beaufort – a fresh wind in your sails

The Beaufort scale is a measure that relates to wind force and its surrounding conditions.
7 Beaufort represents a powerful wind force. It’s an excellent wind speed for sailing, wind-surfing, and kiting, capable of moving things forward spectacularly.
If you go higher, to 8 Beaufort, things start to break off and get messy. If you go lower, 6 Beaufort, you’re not having the best possible conditions to take things forward.
It perfectly represents the force we want to be for our clients and for the people working with us.

So we knew what we were going to do, we knew who we wanted to be, and we knew our name. The next step was to find a visual representation considering all these different elements: the company logo. After designing a few logos ourselves (which were ok by the way, but just ok is not up to our standards), we decided to look into crowdsourcing logo designs through DesignCrowd. The platform enables you to launch a design contest based on a brand brief, collect 100’s of different designs and work your way to a tailor-made solution with a few iterations. Et voila, within a timespan of 2-weeks we had our official logo.

Now that our course has been set, it's time to tighten the sails and sail into the open! ⛵️

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